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Bolo Fest 2021

In collaboration with Zebra studio

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advertising campaign for

It was a great challenge to collaborate on this amazing project, where we had the opportunity to Coordinate / Supervise the Lighting, Comp, Rendering departments.  

The main challenge was the large amount of shots that we had to complete in such a short time. The goal was to light and comp 45 minutes of animation in just under 2 months.  It was like making half a movie in 2 months, when in reality this usually takes almost a year.

Within the project there were big brands involved such as: DC, Marvel, LooneyToons, Ricolino, Barbie, Lego, Hot Wheels, Playmobil, Disney, Distroller.  


store presentation

The Liverpool store was one of the main assets, and we had the opportunity to make the textures of the interior, along with each of the props that dress up this great Environment.

For the lighting, we had to develop a way of working that would help us finish within the stipulated times, generating very good quality renders but with little processing time.  

Monster JAM / Chichen itza

A sequence of a lot of action, whose objective was to excite children with these fun radio control trucks 


This was the first time that the brand's characters were seen, fully animated cg.

And for this we had to develop a very colorful sequence, in the style of the brand.


One of the funniest sequences was this huge fight between Mr Freeze and Batman.

Through the
 light, color and mood, we had to develop an environment that felt very cold and with an aesthetic  a little different from the rest of the project, to feel immersed in the Batman universe.

Playmobil / Xilitla

The Playmobil brand is a family favorite and is a toy that has stood strong through generations.  

Here we should  establish an atmosphere of a jungle and with a touch of mystery in the style of an adventure movie.  

The result was a sequence of great action and great fun for adults and children. 


Our favorite sweets make an appearance in this joyous segment, accompanied by dancing and Christmas music. 


These fun toys that help children learn were a nice challenge for the Lighting & Comp department, since we had to coordinate the movement of their lights, so that both characters were  connected to the rhythm of the music.


The most famous vehicle toys in the world, are  back in this epic  sequence, where anyone can feel the adrenaline  and excitement for speed. 

Lego / Avengers

Our favorites superheroes,face the fearsome Thanos, in an unprecedented fight to rescue the magic of Christmas.  

During this sequence we proposed a slight change of look in the camera optics  , to simulate the effect of filming real legos, and give the feeling of miniature. 


the appearance of Barbie as always is a great challenge, Because we needed to maintain a very particular style in the characters aesthetic.  

In this segment we developed the lighting and color so that the Brand essence could be reflected 


Buggs and Lucas make their funny appearance accompanied by their characteristic comedy style.

The characters had to be seen in a hybrid style between 2D and 3D. For this we develop a special treatment on 3D models.


Our Disney friends couldn't miss it.  

During this sequence we can see our characters with a plush aesthetic that looks amazing .

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